Counseling? Who, Me?


Perhaps you have been debating for some time whether or not to seek the services of a counseling professional.

Or, perhaps a loved one has been urging you to seek assistance. There are options other than professional counseling — talking with relatives, friends, church elders — or reading self-help books. All of these are valuable at times. Some choose to just keep quiet, suffer stoically, and keep all “personal issues” secret. When is it time to seek the help of a psychologist?

Professional counseling operates on carefully defined boundaries, ethics, and scientifically based principles

When is it Time to Seek Counseling?

  • When a problem, issue, or personal struggle persists or worsens.
  • When an outside, objective perspective or opinion would help.
  • When what you are doing is not getting you what you want.
  • When an argument repeats without resolution.
  • When significant others express concern for your welfare.
  • When arguing becomes abusive, whether verbal or physical.
  • When feelings of emptiness, anger, guilt, etc. become chronic.
  • When existing parenting strategies are ineffective and conflict escalates over time.
  • When work productivity and personal relationships suffer from unresolved issues, past hurts, or current conflicts.
  • When impulsive or compulsive behaviors (including use of alcohol, mind or mood altering substances, gambling, eating, sex) are damaging to your self-worth, physical health, or relationships.
  • When sleep, appetite, or mood patterns are persistently disrupted.
  • When you are having difficulty managing multiple stressors, losses, or pressures.

People who seek counseling are not “crazy,” but in fact are people of courage.It takes courage to confront troublesome issues or behaviors that are not working and to seek change. That is why at IPPS we hold our clients in high regard, respecting their right to make informed choices regarding changes in their lives. Change is not always easy.

© 2015 Dr. Daniel L. Baney

If you have questions about whether or not you might benefit from professional counseling, feel free to contact us with any questions.